Ziv’s fantabulous aerial autocopter drone robot with HD video camera mounted on a gimble


Edit: I am now self aware of how giddily overcaffeinated I am in this video. Apologies for how annoying that is. lol Also.. this wasn’t meant to be mass viewed.


  1. Save 7.08 mins of your life by scrubbing the video forward until he FINAAAAAALLY gets it started .
    Without dialogue the whole thing is a drag ….. No shots of what the drone takes.
    It's probably a great machine but with no dialogue it spoils what might have been an interesting video

  2. Even as a child I dreamed of flying. One whole summer when I was 12 years old I worked at Panguitch Lake, Utah as a boat boy, just to save for my first R/C. Over the years I tried every way I could think of and afford to get Aerial photos. Finally, last year I bought my first Quadcopter Drone and found the freedom I wished for as a child. That same month the FAA began sending out cease and desist order outlawing commercial use of drones in the United States. Coming Soon to this Kickstarter. All I want is for all of us to live our dreams. Brad D. Barnson (Founder Drone On a Wire).

  3. Same thing can be said about driving cars. So many laws, yet people that should never drive are out there with a license. It's all subjective. I feel UAS are good. It's funny how something new is scary at first. Nice rig BTW.

  4. We need so much regulation for these machines before someone uses it to cause so much damage for the bad……….Good things could happen with this and research but so many other bad things can happen without the protection of law.

  5. The hunters will use this as target practice very soon…….Drones coming to visit your nearest nuclear reactor near you? Flying planes into buildings will be small potatoes very soon. Fukushima all over the place and they get to go to the 70 virgins with the rest of us !

  6. all that material and the guy flying doesnt know to never point his antenna to the model, shame on you guys hahaha ; P The antenna should be perpendicular to the model for best reception!


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