ZIPPY Cool “Camera” Drone – DM009 RC Quadcopter – TheRcSaylors


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  1. YAY TEAM! 😀 Great job guys, I cant stop watching these drone/quadcopter videos! I now have 2 quads, JJRC Elfie and Promark VR P70. I really like both, but the Elfies battery only lasts about 1 min now, then the quad will drop to the floor and bounce around as I continue to try to fly it. The battery lights are not blinking as they do when the battery is low. They are on, full bright. so I am at a loss. Is it the battery or maybe a bad barometer? Any ideas guys? Popeye? 😀

  2. Hi guy's, I have one of these, as you say it flies great, except on the second flight, the camera failed to record video or photo,I am not having much luck with my camera drones the camera on my Hubsan x4 Desire 502E, I have ordered a new camera module for that, but the spares that are available for the DM009 seem somewhat limited, any clues on the camera failure, I notice other reviews have also mentioned the failure to record on this quad. Great video guy's

  3. Greetings Sailors, I started with these little quads, it's just they go bad so fast and the motors die quickly. Thank God they are putting brush-less motors in some of the toy grade quads now.
    Great job guys…See you in the air.

  4. Nice review. It looks like the RTH does work properly (or at least the best it can for being a compass RTH quad). Because If you notice when you took off from the picnic table the direction of the head of the quad was facing and when you hit RTH it came back exactly opposite from that direction at least from what I could tell from the video.

  5. Part of owning/ flying anything is maintenance and repair. I certainly wouldnt throw anything out without at least trying to see if I can repair it. The way I look at it is,if its broke,then I cant hurt it any more than it already is.When it comes to RC trucks,planes,especially helicopters ,whatever,you can bet your boots I am going to fix it. Those things were ment to be repaired. If they supply
    replacement parts,then fix it. If you dont know how,then get on Google or You Tube,chances are someone has already made a video on it. Our washer agitator quit working recently. I found the problem and ordered the parts to fix it. There was a video on it also. Guys, dont every be afraid to take something apart. Even if you cant fix it,you will at least learn enough to mabe gain some idea on how your RC equipment works. I can bet someone has a video on how to remove that broken SD card. Like I said,its already broke,how are you hurting it?


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