Zerotech Dobby Pocket FPV Selfie Drone Flight Test Review


This pocket FPV camera drone can be utilized as a vacation, hiking, or sport selfie drone. Buy it here Pros – Foldable arms for easy …


  1. great review Quadcopter 101 as always. I know this has been posted for many months now and DJI will release SPARK on June 15. Anyway, am still interested on this drone bec I will be travelling to europe in August and strict regulation in that part of the wotld I dont think I can fly a decent drone. I just want this for selfie photos. Sir, is Dobby difficult to maneuver specially with the abscence of a transmitter?

  2. Great review! It's my first drone ahah Can you help me with something, please? Do you know how to calibrate the drone? After touching the button, what movement should I do with it? Thanks!

  3. I like how you used this at the end to, "inspect," the lights. I have ideas for a small, easily flown, extremely portable quadcopter to use for things like quick survey and inspection of damage. All that said, I really think the Mavic will fill that niche, now. Dobby is a great concept, but seems limited in ability. Good review!

  4. Hi, I am looking for a very small drone with at least hd quality for profesional indoor flights, unfortunatly, they are hard to find, wich one can you recommend? thx


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