Z201YS Pocket Camera Selfie Drone Flight Test Review


This foldable pocket drone easily fits in your pocket for on the go selfie shots. It includes WiFi FPV, and can be flown with a provided controller, or using your …


  1. Can you review the Swift Stream z-9 drone it was the drone I had before I decided to go with the Hubsan H501s X4. I didn't like it much, but I would like to see your thoughts on it. It kinda looks like a sema drone. They have come out with a new drone called the z-10, but I decided not to get that one based off my experience with the z-9. So please review the z-9 I want to know if anyone else was having the same problems as me. BTW some of the problems that I was having is that it would randomly flip over in mid-air and also it won't fly off the ground sometimes because one of the motors would stop even though I cleaned it.

  2. Been experimenting with a WiFi camera (to convert to FPV I hope) and the phone says about no internet….then drops the connection !
    Anyone know if this quad would have the same problem ?
    LG Tribute, Android 4.2.2

  3. Hey goodday, love your channel by the way… I have a question maybe you can help me, i really want a Mavic Pro, but i have never owned a drone so i would like a low end one to practice on, maybe one with FPV 5.8MHz, Altitude hold, and Motorized controlled camera position… can you recommend a low end drone with these specs for me to try on, those 3 are my main request

  4. Hi Quad 101, I have more interest in you phone than the bird, because I bought a few android phones from China that did not have the greatest response on the screen for the apps. I was trying to teach my wife how to fly one on gyros, but she got mad at me, If you have a new funkier phone that you could recommend it would be a great help to my marital life……(other that buying an iphone or galaxy that is)


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