Z Review – STAX 727 + SR003 & Denafrips DAC [StaX-Stravaganza!!!]


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  1. I have a Stax srs-001 system (1st generation portable energizer+sr-001 mkII), which includes the in-ear phones a generation (or 2?) before the ones being reviewed here (physically they are identical). I never tried the 003, but based on multiple reads, and on the f/r graphs of the 2 models, they should sound completely different! the 003 aiming at clarity, resolution, and very bass-shy, whereas the 001 I have has this MONSTROUS bass and mid-bass, but unfortunately is lacking in the mid-treble, particularly around 3K and 6K. For that reason, I can't listen to classical music on those, they sound murky and lose a bit of the delicate detail of that genre (my L700's smoke them at that), but on other genres…holy cow! that low-end is astonishing, they are the only electrostats I have tried with that kind of response from 250Hz down. That said, that only happens when you have perfect seal! Now, from the f/r I'm pretty sure you won't get too much satisfactory bass on the 003 even with perfect seal, but I am surprised nobody explained to Zeos or the owner how to wear/adjust them properly! Zeos I hope you give this a try! You are supposed to put them in your ears with the cables pointing downward, then adjust the size of the headband, which has to be placed on top of your head like you would with any other headphone, and then rotate the drivers 90 degrees forward keeping the headband where it is (90 degrees more or less, depending on one's ear canal). This should provide perfect seal and at least decent comfort to most people. I'm not positive, but I believe this method of wearing them is the official one indicated by Stax. Also, that's not how you take out the drivers from the enclosure! in the video here you were trying to remove the enclosure itself from the headband mount (it's not removable). To take the drivers out you just need to grab the cables' attachments and pull inward, super easy.

  2. yep, I'm one of that only IEM guy. But it's simply because any headphone just gives me a headache after a while because 1)I have a wide head so even after "stretching" out to make the headband looser, it still hurts after awhile. 2)NONE of the headphones are designed for people who wear glasses. If I try to, it will bend the glasses frame so when I put down the frame on the desk it will not evenly sit anymore and it seems to cause faster headache because of frame pushing onto my head

    I don't go as far as custom fit IEM but I stick with IEM only now and speakers

  3. Yes, the 003 is as good-sounding and as Z says it is, and the comfort is EXACTLY as bad as he says it is, too. I had a few of these (they were cheap enough) and got rid of them all. When your ears swell shut after 30 minutes, it's a good sign something's gotta go. The new one uses a different diaphragm IIRC and sounds different. Also, the old one you didn't need to disconnect at the ball joint to get it off the headband, there was a plastic shell that went around the earcup that you could take off.

    The 727 sucks. Get a 353x for Lambdas, and go aftermarket for Omegas. Come to think of it, I'm not a fan of the 007t either. The 717 though was a sweet little amp. Magic with the L700, but borderline with the 007. Sounded warm, more like a tube amp than a solid state one.

    Interested to hear your take on the 007A. I had the original 007, and it was one of the best headphones ever but it needed a nuclear reactor of an amp or it sounded sleepy and dull. The new one, however… needs some work. The driver/ear distance is wrong. Press on the bottom of the drivers, and you'll hear the sound improve and things snap into focus. So the pads need to go, or maybe the springs in the pads need to be bent. Plus, the FR is all out of whack (it was on the original too, but to a lesser degree). 2-5khz is like 10db down, and at 10khz you have a spike. So you need some EQ to correct it. It all of that worth it? Maybe, maybe not, but when the L500/L700 exist and sound great out of the box, it's hard to make the argument in favor. Kinda the same problem that I have with the HD800 – yes, you CAN mod it to sound great, or you can just get an L700… or a Clear if you want to go dynamic.

    Stax's ergonomics are still very much stuck in the 90s. But, they fixed the Lambdas, more or less, they seem to be fixing the 009 if the early accounts of the 009s are to be believed, so maybe they'll also fix the 007 so that modders don't have to.


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