Yuneec Typhoon Shootout – Q500 4K vs Typhoon G GoPro Quad Copter Drone


I’ve spent countless hours flying Yuneec’s Q500 4K and have logged many hours on Yuneec’s latest quad copter, it’s Typhoon G GoPro model. Both copters are …


  1. I see you put this video out on October 19, 2015 it is now August 2016 and I have found this same drone for as low as $788 now with everything including the 2 batteries….Looking better every day…..I am trying to talk myself into buying one, you are helping. I have been flying drones for about two and a half years now, started with the Syma X5C-1, then an X8C, and my first GPS one a Cheerson CX-20….and this one has everything I have been trying to put on the CX-20, already installed in one package…if I would have bought this one first….after the learning phase of course, I would have saved some money at the current prices…….Thank You….

  2. So I was given the Q500 4K for my birthday today and started looking at the GoPro option, thinking I could switch the camera out. I found that is not possible so I have to use the one on the copter; however, after reviewing your video twice I am glad I got the Q500 4K. I will not be looking to change the camera out even if they make it an option in the future because you make so really good points I didn't think about using a GoPro with the copter. Thanks so much for this and helping me decide to stop the search for a way to use my GoPro… I will stick to the GoPro accessories and the Q500 4K camera. Again thanks for the video.

  3. Hi Andy, I have a CG03 4K but I find the lens quality to be poor with very soft focus towards the edges, I sort of wish I had gone with the GoPro option as my H4 doesn't suffer from this type of problem

  4. Thanks for video, I was about to buy the Go pro model, Brought home the 4k quad instead. Flys like a dream, learned on a Syma x8g. Quad is so quiet and stable. Glad I did not buy a dji. Thanks again

  5. In my opinion after flying this thing for a month I bought the pro package and for the life if me even after Yuneec has swapped me out 3 times with a complete new Quad the video feed cant get over 400 feet away before losing contact with ground unit. It just sucks period…camera is great picture wise but WTF with the feed…? So I gave the hand held a shot…lol what should I of expected…? Well does the words NETWORK ANOMOLY MEAN ANYTHING TO ANYONE.? I have all fresh batteries fully charged and I get maybe and I mean after 4 times rebooting 39 seconds of video then POOF NOTHING. So all I can say is it is a terrible package for 1300 bucks..ya flies great but I have many quads and helis that do the same thing. But like all of us we want video that we can see while flying..sure I could go get a booster but y should I have to..go buy a different package guys n gals save the headache trust me.

  6. Hello Andy, I have a Q5004k and wondering about the batteries? Just heard someone say you should only store them at 60% to prevent the battery from expanding. I have mine both fully charged in the case for over 2 weeks as I have had no time to fly or the weather not permitting. With that said how long in your opinion are they safe fully charged?Thanks again keep the videos coming sir!

  7. My Phantom 3 Pro did have jello in windy weather and it does have very soft dampeners. I tried to use stiffer dampeners from the Zenmuse 3D gimbal (Black) but that made the jello worse. On a calm day it is excellent but flying in wind or flying into a head wind you will get jello as quoted by DJI to me.

  8. After watching your videos Andy I have a Yuneec G arrriving and I have owned the Phantom 3 Pro but was disappointed with the jello when flying in windy conditions. DJI told me to expect jello when flying in wind. I now have an Inspire 1 and that is rock solid video even in gale force winds. but I have a Gopro 4 black doing nothing so will test the Yuneec G out to its full potential ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. To be truthful I own 4K and the 500 plus. I would not even buy the Typhoon G and as a user of the yuneec product.. I would say buy a DJI Phantom 3.. This is from a Yuneec owner. DONT BUY ONE! LOL

  10. Another great video Andy. These are questions I was definitely wondering about. Thank you!
    Side note: I went to use my steady grip for the first time this weekend and it only worked the first time I tried it. After that it would disconnect from the CGO3 wifi and gave me a "Network Anomaly" message within the CGO app you need to use. After doing some research I'm definitely not the only one having this issue. Have you heard/seen any issues regarding this? Really disappointed about this and hope it gets resolved.


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