Yuneec Q500 4K Camera Drone Review


Learn more about the Q500 4K: Matt and Ben talk about the new Q500 4K camera drone from Yuneec. This quadcopter is equipped with the CGO3 ultra high definition 4K camera,…


  1. I wonder if I was in the middle of a very excluded forest or mountain range… would I still get "satellite" GPS signals? Since satellites are in outer space, it shouldn't matter if I'm out of range, of say cell sites.

  2. hello this is Danny I'm trying to find someone who can give me a hand with my drum of typhoon q500 I got cgo3 camera 4K and the issue that I got my camera on my drone it doesn't get communicate with my remote control if anybody know how to reconnect my camera Ono how to do a travel shooter or something I appreciate it

  3. Hello, what brought me to this videos is that just today I was snorkeling and my friend notices something in the water sea floor… When I went to discover I noticed it was a drone. It was this yunnec drone.

  4. just bought it and love it. The stability on this drone is AMAZING. Only flaw i see is carrying it around because of its size. Check out some footage i recorded with the typhoon on my channel!

  5. Hi, I just got the drone and love it. One small issue, when I take off and even when I bring it down, on both occasions when I let go of the throttle, the drone moves up and down as if its bouncing around. It won't stay dead still when the throttle is let go.
    Any suggestions ??

  6. They mentioned changing the shutter speed and ISO from the smart phone devices but what about the controller ? that would be kind of inconvenient for one person having use two devices

  7. Can or will you be making another video? If so can you illustrate the speed of the quad. Also can you let us know the punch on the quad, its acceleration and pitch? Thanks in advance.

  8. Is this any better then Phantom 3 standard when it comes to range?Video range? I mean this thing is much more expensive is it because of 4k camera only? How is the video range and that is what is important to me not the camera?! Right now my local best buy sells this thing for 699 but before i buy i must know about the range compared to the phantom3 standard.

  9. Let's say my Yuneec Lipo is dead. Can I open the plastic case and replace the Yuneec Lipo with a Turnigy 3S Lipo solder it to the Yuneec connector and safe a lot of money? Because as far as I have seen it it is a standard 3S (11.1V) Lipo without integrated electronics ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. It'd be nice if Yuneec would make a flight control option for use with a tablet or phone. Wouldn't mind some form of autopilot as well. Would save me from taking 2 different units every time I go to film.


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