YUNEEC BREEZE 4K – FULL REVIEW – $500 DJI Mavic Alternative


Yuneec Breeze 4K is under $500 and a lower cost alternative to the popular DJI Mavic. This is not a Mavic VS Breeze video comparison. because we can’t …


  1. The one I got as a gift this Christmas flew 3 or 4 times before it "lost connection" and then ascended and hovered in place until the battery finally died and then crashed to the ground and smashed to bits. The customer service has been non-existent so far. No calls will go through to anyone, online live-chat continually says no one is available. I'm NOT impressed by Yuneec so far. The least they could do is answer their phones and tell me to fall on my head. Best Buy, where it was purchased is of no help either. They just said they don't deal with problems and I'd have to contact Yuneec directly.

  2. Had mine for 2 days now. I haven't even experienced it take off.
    it Keeps on saying "Authentication problem" I've reset the device but still nothing.
    From what I have gathered, this is not a good drone to use with Android devices here in the UK?

  3. Great video. I purchased my Breeze based on very little info, since I'm totally new to drones/quadcopters, and while I'm very impressed with it, it is also nice to hear somebody with experience praise it. Helps me to be even more confident in my choice. Thanks!


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