You need to learn to shift your motorcycle properly!


A debated topic I have seen recently and I thought I would put my 2 cents into the topic. //// More snowcat: Shirts: …


  1. I literally only touch my clutch for 3 reasons:

    Taking off
    Coming to a stop
    Clutching up wheelies

    All upshifts and downshifts are done without the clutch. It's absolutely not necessary to touch the clutch and I find it more comfortable and easy to just not use it. If you can upshift and you can rev match downshift, you can clutchless upshift and downshift. It really isn't difficult at all.

  2. Haha I was all ready to comment about the quickshifter…and you stole my thunder lol. Keep doing what you're doing, ignore the sheep that really don't understand the difference between synchronized manual transmissions (like cars) and dog engagement sequential boxes ( like bikes). In fact, a good MX bike trans will often be able to do WOT clutchless upshifts. Now, that is a bit abusive but it illustrates the point. I can't even stand to read the majority of the comments on this video. Makes me want to scream!!! haha.

  3. Most, if not all cars have dry clutches. While most motorcycles have wet clutches which allows them to slip all day long if you wanted. Wear and tear happens to every mechanical part. That's why regular maintenance is required for any machine. Granted slipping the clutch that frequently will wear it out a lot faster but will not immediately destroy the clutch like it would if you were to try this in your beat up standard Subaru.(no hate towards Subaru)

  4. My only question is why are you taught to use the clutch in msf classes. I totally agree that it is harmless. I use the clutch if it feels right etc cruising around town at low speeds but any time i try to go fast (as fast as a 250 goes) I clutchless upshift.

  5. while you are correct, it is totally fine to clutchless shift, you explained it wrong. it's not because it's a sequential, it's because it's a dog box. you can clutchless shift H-pattern dog boxes too. if you REALLY wanna press your luck you can clutchless shift helical gear H-pattern transmissions too, but i wouldn't suggest that.

  6. I've realised I've been doing this for months without actually realising it.
    I've been popping the clutch a tiny bit when upshifting, but have recently realised I've not been pulling it in near enough to actually make a blint difference.
    When I actually think about doing it clutchless though I struggle and sometimes get a false neutral… weird shit.

  7. snowcat What qualifies you to comment on clutchless shifting? Are you a mechanical engineer? The fact that you advise clutchless shifting tells me your not. Particularly at high revs when accelerating hard, clutchless shifting puts a lot of impact load on the gear dogs. And that's if you do it perfectly every time. You only have to get it slightly wrong and it really hammers the dogs. But in the end, it's your transmission. Do what you like.

    Also, quick shifters do not do the same thing. They cut engine spark, which doesn't happen when you shift on a regular setup. This removes engine torque from the transmission, much like using your clutch.

  8. On some cruisers with straight-cut gears, it IS "clunky" upshifting without the clutch, and that may lead some to believe it is not a good idea I can powershift my V Star 1300 (using the clutch, but without letting off the throttle or hitting the rev limiter), and my gear shifts sound seamless as clutchless shifting. The heel shifter really helps with that. When I drag raced 4- and 5-speed cars I got asked if I was running an automatic a few times! That skill, however, requires a lot more practice, and if you blow a shift it will really hurt your 0-60 and 1/4 mile times.

  9. I don´t use the Clutch most of the time, but when im below 5k rpm its not smooth. I´m not sure if i just don´t do it perfect enough, or if it actually is the bike. Since it is a single cylinder.


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