Yizhan iDrone i4s Micro Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This little quadcopter is very portable, and actually has a very nice camera. Find it here Pro’s – 2MP 720p HD camera. Actually produces …


  1. This is the 20 bucks stuff?????? This is fabulous for that cheap. IT's way better I've ever thought. Please note that in windy weather it might wouldn't work. BUt still impressive for 20 dollars, extremely impressive.

  2. Hi. Great demo!!!!
    I already have some big ones (phantom 4) and Hubsan H109s pro, but now i am looking something like this one: small, quick, with little cam if possible…preaty much like this I-drone you know, just for fun and killing some time. But everything seems perfect on this one, just one thing bothers me a lot: RANGE!!!!! 20-30 meters is simply not enough, not even for a living room. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wanna ask you if you know about quad that is almost similar like this one, quick and deadly, just with a longer range?? Like 100 meters or better?
    Thanks for answer and keep a good work here

  3. Yo , it`s your boy WannaDuino,
    I love this quad from the day i laid my eye`s on it. It looks AWESOME, just like my ex.
    I modded it to just started to mod all my tiny house quads to fpv and antenna mods plus batteries of corse with higher c rates. I just put it on my channel maybe you like it. there wil be some follow-ups until the end of corse. check it out bro!

  4. i expect a better quality camera from Yizhan ๐Ÿ™ but …. so disappointing. I am glad that i get my Hubsan x4 H107C+ ๐Ÿ™‚ coming in around a week after watching your video flight of that hubsan.

  5. All the cameras that comes with quadcopters and says 720p or 1080p (syma) are bad ! lots of jello and im pretty sure its something like WGA upgrade, or the lenses are terrible.


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