Yizhan i8h Tarantula Altitude Hold HD Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This altitude hold update of the popular Tarantula X6 retains its outstanding sport flying ability, yet also allows altitude hold flight at the press of a button.


  1. Hi there, do you think you can make another video with a gopro or action cam attached to this quadcopter? I want to see if its brushed motors can handle the weight. Thank you! Im debating between getting this quad or the bugs 3.

  2. Hi:)) Nice fly. Just got mine from lightake. I use to look at you videos:))

    I have a question because my i8h have a very short range. Is there a way to improve the range of there stock Transmitter? Can you advice me what to do? :))


  3. This is a VERY dangerous quadcopter if it crashes as the powerful motors do not shut off easily. The fault may lie with an insensitive remote control/radio too. Pulling the sticks down as instructed do not deactivate the motors immediately and may require a few attempts.

    This thing can cause damage and injury due to the above. Do not fly when there are people nearby!

  4. Hello,
    you seem to be a reliable source
    So Can you confirm that this quadcopter has ( or has not ) transmitter issues sometimes ( especially in "fully manual" mode)
    or is it just bad luck or a bad calibration…
    ( for instance "DJ SOUL FORCE" video on this drone that explain it )


  5. Just wanted to let you know I received my new i8h yesterday and on mine the on/off switch sticks down far enough I can use my finger to turn on. I have large hands and after watching this video was concerned I'd have to use a toothpick to turn on. Which pretty much sucks!! To my surprise my i8h has over 1/4" of button sticking down!!! Yeahhhhhh!! Was yours broke maybe, it's a pretty skinny switch I'd see breaking off if your not careful.

  6. I would highly recommend deleting this video if in fact false information has been given in regards to manual mode. That is a very important issue for me. Can this quad be flown in manual mode?

  7. HOW DO YOU TURN OFF ALTITUDE HOLD?? i tried everything I could think of every combination of the sticks and button!! The altitude hold does not deactivate ….. punch out does not increase.! I noticed in your video you fly it fast going forward which it does good it has alot of pitch but you never do a punch out/ going straight up !? because if you notice it never increases on the punch out because of the altitude hold never turns off from what I've seen maybe you know something I don't know?


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