YI 4k+ and Erida Drone GO PRO Killers?


The World’s Fastest Tricopter Drone YI Erida with YI 4K+ Action Camera Buy the Yi Camera at Gearbest …


  1. This channels is awesome!
    i saw you Gimbal videos of G5 and Evo etc…

    Also Yi2 4K + has H2 Chip with support of H.256 Codec/container
    meaning it can have 2x less Bitrate/File size as goPro and have Exact same quality.
    So it is Super Promising from hardware side!

  2. water proof without a case so I can use it with sound while I am in the water and the voice command are options I need for my daily. if yi does this then it will crush gopro.

  3. Yi 4k is definitely better than all GoPros on the market right now. 2x shooting time, 2x lower price, tons of cheap accessories and EIS. I can't wait for my Gimbal to arrive to make the package complete.


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