YH 19HW 720p HD FPV Selfie Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This toy drone closely resembles the DJI Spark, and has a 720p HD camera that records directly to your phone. Find it here Pros – A Spark clone. Your friends will have…


  1. Maybe someone pointed this out already, but I saw another guy on YT test this drone and the Micro SD card DOES work. He explains that it seems the drone can record to the SD card or the phone if no SD card is not present. I think your drone just has a bad sd card slot or your sd card is not formatted on FAT32 and the drone doesn't see it.

  2. Hi mate I can't get the thing to fly. I've changed the batteries .the lights are coming on and it makes a noise. I got it to fly once but to be honest I can't remember how I bloody done it. Its never crashed. The instructions with it didn't make sense. If you can tell me what buttons to press to make it fly. Sorry if I sound thick but maybe I am on this one.lol !!

  3. It has gears and they are plastic and the motors are brushed, it may fall from the skies after 6 days of use or 30 days.
    I would like to see the GDU 02+ project become real at some point, not because it will be cheap but it's using the Qualcomm 801 like the Dobby does and is even more innovative than the Mavic. Unfortunately there have been no news for a while, I am afraid it's dead.


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