XS809H Drone is probably one of the the best beginner drone this summer and to polish it off we did an altitude test . a few things went wrong but I see it in all …


  1. You can hit the stop/land button and just let it fall (xs809hw) when you want to bring it back down. One end will drop first but it will level out as it starts to autorotate. Hit the takeoff button and it will recover and level itself off in about 20 feet or so. It does indeed descend really slowly otherwise. I also found that yaw control gets really sensitive when you're descending under power.
    I imagine it would work with the 809h as well, though you'd probably have to fly it back to level yourself without the altitude hold function.

  2. The XS809H is a fun little drone. Great to learn the controls on, however, that is about it. With no GPS it is difficult to control in any wind and a short flight time. Camera is pretty basic but does work. I had one I could only record to the phone and not to the SD card. I guess for the money……..what the heck…..????

  3. Wow, nice test bro.. I like this toy quad, VISUO comparing my TK 110 two weeks of flight were gone, got lost signal and landed in the sea…….
    Almost six months of fun flying in VISUO now still alive….. and I have a flight in how VISUO fight in the fog clouds……


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