XK X380 GPS Drone Long Range Mod – 4 Mile FPV Flight [With In Flight Commentary]


Here’s a 4 mile flight testing the capabilities with TX and FPV mods to the XK X380 Drone you can find here: Looks like XK is having the …


  1. Hi Dustin,pls help me.I try to connect to my X380 with not original gimbal from chine site.I read many threads at a RC forums about frying FC because of connection SIG wire. Pls I see you use supported kind of gimbal.Could you tell me how many voltage is on SIG pin coming out from your gimbal and coming out from X380? That info would help me so much.Thx in advance for your help.

  2. Dustin, you have a skill, could I pick your brain, I habeas a bug's 2 with wanting to do a couple mods one is a dual GPS so I can do Waypoints and follow me….. Not a pro but can learn thanks for your videos Wade Dittus

  3. Super vid. Very informative. Can I ask you which FPV system do you use with the 380? I'm trying to decide on getting the very malleable 380 going forwards or pony up for a Phamtom 3 advanced. I like the idea of a dedicated FPV rather than smart phone. Although the Phamtom camera/vid is ace.

  4. Hello Dustin. Thnaks for your video. It's very nice to watch and listen too. Is it possible to get instruction how to modify only range on X380 with all parts that are needed ?

  5. Hello Dustin, I sure always enjoy/learn from you Sir. From the research I have done on this quad. I see/believe, this is using same motors as is on H109s and can also easily fit the H109s quad battery inside it's compartment.
    So this against the H109s, do you have any general comparison thoughts you care to share?
    Cause I am now (at this time Apr. 2017) considering getting them both to enjoy.

  6. Very cool but after all that money spent u could have bought a phantom 3 advanced that is just million times better than that experience in every way. I use mavic pro myself but a p3a will do just bout all same stuff for fraction of the cost. Nice work tho for that rig u really made it work. Go dji tho bro ditch all the toy grade crap if ur gonna spend all that $

  7. Greatly appreciate your video's!! I hav a few ?'s: 1) would you currently recommend this or the 500 version? 2) Is there any camera control such as start/stop video or snap a pic from controller? 3) Do the FPV capabilities only come with the version that includes a camera? 4) What alternative cams/gimbals work with it and are any features lost utilizing 3rd party cam/gimbal? Thanks.

  8. Howzit Mr. Dunnill we are from Lahaina Maui and i have already lost two racing drones one to the sharks in Wahikuli and the most recent one in my neighborhood. Both M.I.A. flights were done at night, other than dont fly at night do you have any suggestions when i purchase the next one. Both quads were powered by my DeWalt 20V battery that conducted over 40 flights. I loved those batteries only fast he charge.

  9. Great video, I am thinking about buying a drone.. sub $300 is this still a good drone to get?
    Not too interested in stunts just like a long range. GPS and a nice camera

  10. Hi Dustin
    Thanks for another great video.
    I'm going to buy a quad and have narrowed it down to Two. The XK Detect X380 and the Hubsan X4 H501S, Both awesome, i cant decied! Any thoughts please as i know you like both.
    Kind Regards from London UK

  11. hi dustin, is it using stock battery? how much flight time you get with all this setup attached? i'm using vtx, yi cam, walkera g3d and my flight time only 8 min which is disappointing …


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