XK X300 F Long Flying Position Hold FPV Drone Review


This very long flying quadcopter includes a position hold system that allows it to hover motionless without pilot inputs. Also includes altitude hold and 5.8 Ghz FPV. Find it here


  1. This drone is a real winner actually. I have it and camera quality is great. I have no problems with it to be honest and I only paid 120$ for this drone. It’s a great introductory quad into FPV racing or just flying in general.

  2. I don't think you read the instructions before filming this video.

    Auto take off works only when you have the rotors running. You have to hold the button for 2 seconds before it takes off. Same with auto landing.

    The auto position hold only works below certain speeds due to motion blur. You're supposed to manually slow the quad, then it will hold position.

  3. I hope this is useful info for someone. The camera was getting very hot and the picture would break up after 3/4 minutes. It would record AVI files which were corrupted and wouldn't play. The camera has a switch labelled CE/FC which I assume means Europe/US or 25mW/200mW. I switched to CE and the camera now only gets warm. Some SD cards which are sold as Class 10 aren't and it seems that I had one of those. Replacing with a proper Class 10 means that I now get good AVI files. The camera angle can be adjusted if you remove the camera from the quad.

  4. I would consider this a good trainer.
    Long flight time, position and altitude hold. Prop guards.
    Someone can more easily learn head in flight and coordinated turns, then add in throttle later. Hardship is not rigor!

    And at less than $150, it's a low price for a nice feature set.

  5. I bought one XK x300 from My Toys store in Dubai put I have problem with it
    It's can not flay !!!
    Only the front side go up 5 cm that's all
    Can you pleas tell what's wrong with it ?
    Is it adjusting issue or sitting ?
    Pleas help with this problem

  6. Another quad with no batteries, props, or other parts available. I would think that would be important to mention in the review. I've had a DM009 for months that was well rated in the review, but there are still no parts available.

  7. optical sensor is not made to stop the quad and never will it will hold position after you hold it in a position desired it's not a gps of course. if you stop it it will try and hold. contrast is what it uses but takes time to find it. if you fly it knowing this much better result.

  8. "It's usually new technology being tested out" Seems right from what I've seen in the past and with this one. At some point I expect this tech to appear both on cheaper drones and possibly in combination with basic GPS on more expensive ones.
    Nice enough for what it is but the 5.8 FPV and the OS system bumps the price up 🙁


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