XK X252 SHUTTLE FPV Drone Review – Part 2 – [Flight Test + Bonus Goggle Session!]


Get your X252 here: or here: Goggles: 32 Channel VRX for Fatshark Dominators: …


  1. Hello,i still try to understand Whats the use of FPV,i hear you say-when you fly to otherside of the field,you cant see the direction of the quad and you have to try to keep your orientation,But i thought thats the reason/use why you have FPV(screen),so that you can see which way the quad direction is pointed/going(by looking at the fpv screen) when you loose sight(directionsight)of quad,or when you want to fly back and turn the quad,so you can look at the fpv-screen to see if your front quad is fasing/turned the correct way???!!!otherwise i dont see the point of fvp screen(otherwise then making video,but then you can better buy other/easy/video quad,right?)Sorry,if i make no sense ,but i try to understand and decide if i should by this1 OR the xk251WITHOUT fpv,because its nice that you can record video,But to me the nr1 purpose of the fvp(screen/flyning)is that when you fly to far to see the quad clearly,that you then can fly/look at fpv screen to see which way the quad is fasing,again sorry if i dont get it ,but i dont want to understand it wrong and buy 1 and be dissapointed

  2. Hey man you are definitely the best drone reviewer I've ever seen. Right next to Quadcopter101. You don't get the credit you deserve for making these reviews cause I got this drone and it lives up to everything and more of what you said. Thanks for another awesome review man

  3. Hello,i have vew/lots question,HOPE you can HELP
    -Is this QC suitable for beginner,and what is the differnce between the X251?
    -Can you explain"Agro"i hear its a different way of flying,and i can remember the 1st time i fly QC and was SCHOCKED that it DID NOT hooverd steady in the Air(like altitude Hold),so now i am worry about this"Agro"stuf
    (i think i can fly oke now,but still think i am a beginner,after practising indoor with little QC f ,i baught 2 outdoor QC the JJRC-H31 and the-Gteng T903,and i LOVE flying with speed outdoor and like the G-teng T903 and contole it well)
    -is this a race,quad or both(i thaught i read you can turn Agro of,but not shore it was this QC)
    -is this the best to "step-up"to more advanged Level,or do you have other suggestions?i have NOT fly FPV before so, PS is the FVP screen/monitor that comes with package GOOD,because i see you fly your own goggles,so i wander……THANKS

  4. Hi Dustin, I'm going to buy my first racing quad, non my first quad, but I have tons of annoying footage and I want a quad just for fun flight. I don't have time to build my setup so the choice is between this and the floureon racing 250. Which one do you recommend?

  5. Hey Dustin I just wanted to extend A Thank You in behalf of those including myself who found many of your videos useful. I'm having a blast with my X252 & though I've come a long way & seem to have gotten a hang of it, I feel that I still have a a bit more to go before my transition to flying 3D Mode. Any suggestions as to Which Point during My Progression should I start even considering any 3D Flight Attempts..?? ALSO, I've tried searching for INFO relative to 3D Flight Basics but have not found any Solid Leads so maybe you could share your thoughts on "HOW" to get started & Where to begin..? Well, any advise would be of great help so thanks in advance for that… Happy Holidays!

  6. Great review as always,Dustin 🙂 But I have one problem.. Should I save money and buy the x251 as and tranfer into the brushless drone-learning,ore is the x252 worth the money?

  7. Ok so I was just testing the Fpv latency and then the Fpv just stopped working the quad stopped I tried restarting it but now I can't fly it and I've tried binding but having trouble any suggestions?

  8. I'm enjoying your reviews. Very informative. If may I ask your opinion for my specific need. Out of what you have tested, what would you suggest to me, for my work which is to measure clients homes on the outside. I am looking for a drone that can fpv around the back of a home which I cannot have line of site, and need hd to read numbers off something small, like off electrical breakers in a power panel, when I review the footage later.
    Ofcourse using it for fun on outings wouldn't be ignored either. I just don't want to spend a thousand bucks.

  9. Great video and info, if you had a choice between this quad ($155) and the Hubsan H501S for about $230 which would you choose?

    I have the XK 251 and like it (I'm waiting for a replacement motor – do to a small crash)

  10. Hey I'm trying to set up the driver for a naze 32 in clean flight and I can't seem to find a folder option for my com ports in device manager to see if it worked or not for Windows 10 is there anything I may be doing wrong and I'm curious why there is not a com ports folder in my device manager ?


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