XK Alien X250 Drone Review


Sleek and fast, with 300m range! This quadcopter is going to be very popular, especially when flown with its optional 5.8Ghz FPV upgrade. Buy it here Affiliate links:…


  1. hello Mr 101 could you try this with a different tx just so I can see the differences and compare them I was suggested a x6 tarantula transmitter and it is a cheap tx hope it works

  2. it looks small would a go pro fit. I was wondering what's the best quad for 65$ usd at max to lift a go pro with free shipping I know the mjx x101 is really good but it has 20dollar shipping fee to Australia thanks

  3. Quadcopter 101. You should give this a try and see what you think. I pretty often try different tx's I have with different quads and hexes. So I tried my wltoys v6x6 tx  from my Skylark V636 and binded it with my Xk x250 and it binds perfectly. Every button function works just fine. The speed is I would say 5 times faster at least and the pitch and roll are tremendously deepened. The yaw rate improves as well. On 100% rates of course. To me this is how my Latrax Alias now flies since ive upgraded it with dark edition motors from micro motor warehouse. Its my very favorite fast stunt quad. My original hopes on this Xk x250 was very high since ive been waiting on it for months to be available. I wasn't highly impressed with it to be a stunt flyer when I received it. I found it to be very smooth and not fast at all. But now all that has changed. It is a bummer knowing that the tx that came with this is actually very nice looking and has a great feel to it doesn't fly this quad as awesome as it can be. Now I did try binding the x250 tx to my other quads and its doesn't bind. Not even with the v636 skylark. So there ya go. Some fun to be had with this X250.

  4. Can you check something for me – If you let the quad hover in mid air, and then use your hand to push the quad up or down, will it automatically recover back to the original height?

  5. What are your thoughts about the "new gen" quadcopters. I get a strong feeling it's very different or has much to be desired for. Is this really just a quadcopter with some teething troubles from the start, so it can be figured out in time? Or is it just good and makes a real difference to the older types? I'm all for evolution but if it's not being anywhere near some older versions in the same price category…I would rather hear from you. Please let me know your thoughts.


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