XIRO Xplorer Camera Drone Overview




  1. When trying to enter compass calibration with left stick down and 3 complete cycles (6 presses) of the IOC button, the result is FAST BLINKING GREEN LEDs. Cannot enter compass calibration mode. Is there a fix or workaround for this, or is the drone simply bricked?

  2. Please help. I'm having a hard time to connect the drone on the remote. I did tried to compass calibrate and it isn't connecting on the drone and the remote vibrates continuously. Appreciate your help guys.

  3. Good video, but 1 minor correction…In the follow me circular mode, you can't change the camera angle within the app. That would still be achieved by toggling that dial on the upper right of the remote. What you referred to as doing so in the app actually do different things. The straight up and down arrows will move the quad forward or back. The 2 curved arrows will dictate the direction of the circle in either direction.

  4. anyone have any issues with your xiro? on mine,the first two times I flew to lvc it went straight to the second warning and landed .battery still showed one bar,solid.third time it went to first lvc warning and then second lvc warning as it should. one bar on battery flashing this time.


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