Xinlin X181 FPV Drone Navigator X6 Quadcopter Review & Flight – TheRcSaylors


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  1. Hi Guys!

    My kids and I love your channel. I just got one of these drones as a starter. I know probably not the best drone to start out with. Just a couple of questions for you.
    1. Are there any replacement motors you can recommend for this drone?
    2. Where can I get replacement parts period, they seem to be hard to get now?
    3. I broke one of the tips of the propeller connectors (the silver tip where you replace the propeller). Is there somewhere where I an purchase one of those?

    Thanks and keep up the great work

  2. You guys have really excellant Videos they are straigh and to the point and your dog adds a touch of funny. One thing I wish you would allways tell us the cheapest place to buy the Quads you show when possible. Thanks for your help in flying!   From: TimC..

  3. I know this is an older video but I have not seen you guys do any reviews of the WL Toys Q303 5.8 ghz FPV version. I think youll really like that one, Great flyer and you can turn on and off altitude hold and has a remote operated single axis gimbal…. Anyway you guys are great I love your dynamics, great team…. I think I bought way to many Quads based on your reviews and you saved me some money on not buying some duds…. So thanks for that…. Keep sailing!!!! and remember…. its not the direction of the wind that taken us to where we are…. "IT'S THE SET OF THE SAIL!!"… And you guys are doing a great job!!!! now go get the Q303 and have some fun!!!!

  4. Very informative video review, Nate! After much research and deliberation, I'm going to get one of these for my younger brother for christmas. Thanks for making such a well rounded video of all the features this quadcopter has to offer! You've been a big help.

  5. I am looking into getting a quad for the first time and i have be looking at a lot of your videos. My question is if you were getting a quad for under 100 would you get one with gps or fpv, and can fpv quads be flown hands free as well.

  6. Hey there, I've been researching drones for a while now and have to decide between the hubsan h502s and this thing. both drones appear to be similar- controller with screen for fpv, battery life and so on.

    i see another vid of yours about the h502s drone, what are the differences and which of the two do you prefer? thanks!

  7. Natt, how are you and Abby??? i'am thinging about the x181 quad. is it really that good???
    Bacause i bought the vista 251 and it is great!! I just want to go to the next step.
    Have you ever tryed the TRAXXAS ATRON??? Were did you get your xinlin x181 ??

    look forward to your replay,

    Thanks, Steve


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