Xiaomi MITU FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review


The advanced sensors of this little camera drone automatically maintains a steady hover position for very easy flying. Find it here and use coupon PFRHTYXP …


  1. Can i please ask u the motor size of this drone because one of my motor of mitu drone is dead & I don't know the exact size (other details) of those motors…can you pls give the buying link for those motors…or the tello motors will work ok… reply me

  2. I'm just not sure why I would spend $79 on this, when I can purchase a DJI Spark all day long on eBay for $319 which is 1,000 times better than this piece of junk. Folks, save your money. I've gone through many expensive and cheap drones, and I always fall back on my better, more expensive ones that you don't necessarily have to break the bank with.


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