Xiaomi MITU Drone Review | Unboxing Setup Flight Test and Camera Footage


Xiaomi MITU Drone Review | Unboxing Setup Flight Test and Camera Footage. A good competitor for the Ryze DJI Tello and all other toy grade selfie drones.


  1. I was hoping you would review this, and I can't wait for your head to head video against the Tello. I thought the onboard memory would help it not have dropped frames like the Tello. So you to choose between either dropped frames or no EIS on your video when deciding between the two selfie quads. The photo's are much better on the Tello. So version two of the Tello with onboard memory or the version two of the MITU with EIS are worth waiting for I guess. Great review G.I., and Western Michigan is looking beautiful at the end of May. Take one of your good camera birds out and get us some nice footage of all those green tree's, rivers and lakes.

  2. Very nice review. My thoughts, the app for the MITU seems to have a better UI, the app for the Tello allows for some preset quick shots, I still have no clue what the Yo-Yo is supposed to do for you. I agree, the drop in the recording is giving the MITU a slight edge over the Tello for video recording. The battery seemed to go pretty quick on the MITU, with the Tello only giving an actual minute maybe two over the MITU. I am really looking forward to the comparison video. I am only slightly biased, but so far, I am giving a slight edge to the Tello. If we were closer, Ohio here, I would bring my Tello, and you bring the MITU, and we could have a MITU vs Tello battle. Seriously, keep up the great work my friend.

  3. Wow mate, excellent video. As usual, you have covered all the bases and made it simple for us to get a handle on this cute little drone. I have the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K, and Phantom 4 Pro+. I find both excellent for what they were designed for. The MITU may be great for beginners and kids. I think I will buy one so the whole family can enjoy drone flying.
    Thanks mate.

  4. Pretty good review. I picked up the Wingsland S6 about a month ago and I believe it has both this drone and the Tello beat. I was able to get it 90 meters high in my back yard (Chicago metro area) and the 13 megapixel camera has outstanding quality. It's only problem is the battery which gives about 5-7 minutes flight time. It was quite expensive when it came out but I was able to pick it up for $117.


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