XIAOMI MI Drone vs DJI Phantom 4 Pro – KEN HERON


Touted as “The Phantom Killer”, the XIAOMI MI Drone steps up to the plate to challenge the king of all consumer drones. Get a big discount on XIAOMI Mi Drone …


  1. A xiaomi 4k drone is very useful if you're in photography or just for fun as that it is a WAY BETTER budget drone than the budget dji phantom. The budget dji phantom costs around 500€ – 800€ while the xiaomi 4k costs round 150€ – 500€ but mostly 400€ or 350€

  2. "this isn't a race… Once again this isn't a race"…. "the Xiaomi drone isn't as fast…wow it is just slower; a lot slower… Its like going from a Ferrari to a school bus"

  3. Okay so I have the results I have a xiaomi 4K drone flew it several times and it's WORTH IT. I don't have any problem Ken has and it seems that he's a DJI lover. Ken stick to DJI because to be honest your review was not at all the way you tell it. Many ways to ajust a few things you left out. So this wasn't a fair review. I RECOMMEND XIAOMI MI 4K DRONE.


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