XIAOMI MI Drone Review – Part 2 – [Flight Test, Pros & Cons + Bonus Range Testing]


Here’s Part 2 of my full review for the Xiaomi Mi Drone which you can find here at a discounted price: Battery & Parts Check out part 1 for the…


  1. You and R.C. sailors are the only people being honest about this drone ( you first). This is the ultimate drone ,with the worst programming. A compass that won't calibrate in a gps drone is dangerous. I have the 4k version and it is still the same. Shame on xiaomi!!! Such potential, fix the bugs.

  2. Recent releases of MiDrone have nearly all the bugs sorted out and has an official app in english. It flies perfectly with waypoint functions etc available and no limitation on hight or distance.

  3. Dustin,  Thanks for the get great videos.  Can you tell me which phone or tablet you use for the Xiaomi Mi 4K drone.   My Moto G4 phone won't tether to the RC.  Which phones work?.  Please ..  Thanks!

  4. Dumb question Dustin – how do I take video footage on my Mi Drone? I have slid the microSD into the slot and pressed the button on the back on the remote. When I check I see nothing on the SD Card. Is the remote supposed to be indicating recording somewhere? any advice appreciated.

  5. If you lose the signal does this Quad auto return back to home?? It would be nice if you could mention this in the Quads you review because to me this is a key feature about a Quad since they are to expensive to lose. Thanks for your videos.   FROM: TimC..

  6. Hey Dustin, I noticed you tested the aircraft's best altitude reduction speed by pushing the throttle all the way down. In the P3A (which I have) pushing the throttle all the way down for like 3 seconds cuts the motors. Now I know it's only supposed to work when the air craft is not lowering or rising (based on the barometer I assume) but would you ever be nervous holding the throttle all the way down on a P3A? I still have not done it, instead I opt to go down very slow to avoid pulling the stick all the way down….just in case 🙂


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