Xiaomi Mi Drone Review Abandoned Gold Mine


This advanced quadcopter’s precise positioning system along with its three axis gimbal produces amazingly stable aerial video. Buy it here


  1. The transmitter antennas for the Mi should point on an angle towards the ground. Every video I’ve seen you testing it, you have them pointing straight up. That is wrong. Decreases the range for quad and fpv.

  2. The "RC Saylors" have given the impression that their review of the Xaiomi Mi is perhaps the only honest one and the others are not. I'm wondering if they got a faulty one or just haven't learned it yet. Did you have problems getting it initialized and off the ground? I'm considering purchase.

  3. I've heard the issues the battery comes out of the battery compartment …and It can be very dangerous when its in the air…does your quad has the problem…because I am about to buy one…because I love the quality of the camera

  4. Hi Quadcopter 101. Lots of xiaomi drone users are complaining of the No-Fly-Zone error on the mi drone app. If you disable the GPS on the drone, can that be a workaround to just let the drone fly a couple of meters? Hope you reply. Thanks.

  5. I see on ”Banggood” page that they are claiming: ”Notice: After the first of the 3000 beta, Xiaomi company has solved all the bugs. Now we selling the perfect version, please feel free to buy”. They are saying that on 15 of November the new drone will be released.


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