XIAOMI MI Drone 4K Review – Part 2 – Flight Test In-Depth + Pros & Cons – (DJI Phantom 3 Killer?!)


Here’s Part 2 of my full review for the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K. Get it here Battery & Parts Hey all Happy New Year!


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  2. Hey Dustin I have bought this drone after seeing your videos, really well explained.. my drone came today
    and its all on charge.. tell me what app do I use for an apple ipad ? sorry for nerd question but i'm all new to this stuff !

  3. Watching this video 10 months later, very in depth review, watched d entire review. I think I might this drone instead of d dji phantom 3 pro which I cant really afford right now. This drone is almost d same to dji p3 pro. Thanks for your review, really help me choose a great drone.

  4. Very nice reviews Dustin, I watched both of them on the Xiaomi Mi with great interest. I have one coming from GB toward the end of this month. Have you done any flying over salt water with this drone? Any thoughts about that? The other question I have for you is that I don't believe that my unit ships with a wireless usb wifi "dongle". Do you think that most any usb wifi adapter would work in this outlet to connect to my phone? I only ask this because I've seen 2 reviews here on the Tube where the reviewer had trouble connecting with the cable. As I mentioned earlier, very informative and detailed review. Nice job and my compliments.

  5. hello!
    i really like your videos and you know a lot of drones so maybe you can help me. i bought a xiaomi mi drone 4k and the video looks really blurry, it does not matter when i put it in 1080p or 4k. i bought the fastest micro sd-card so that is not the issue. i read on reddit that it can be the bitrate of the video, the bitrate of my videos is 43000kbps. is that enough or do i have to change that? and where can i change that?
    i hope someone can help me

  6. Please help? I got the drone up, video was going smoothly, but when I got back home and inserted into my laptop, the first 2 of 3 HD videos played fine using windows media player. But when I clicked on the next video I got the error message "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file" and would not play. Any one know why this would happen and how to keep from doing this again? Am using the an Amplim 64 GB 4-K micro sd card ? This is the only time, after doing 3 nice video practices flights, that one of the video files would not play…?

  7. So I did some quick math,
    The price of 1 Mavic pro platinum(1 battery, 30 minutes) can buy this with 9 additional batteries, add up for a total of 3h 20m flight time. lol

  8. hey dustin ,i just bought the exact same drone .but the video recordings are not good even as 4k in my cellphone but some videos in laptop looks stunning . any advises on how to get the perfect 4k vidoes direct from my sd card?

  9. @Dustin Dunnill , I am totally addicted to your video especially the long-range challenges, Keep it up, Bro! Thanks for all the tips, I already got 3 types of drones watching your Video, Good upload & more power…

  10. Outstanding value for money product vid presented in an outstandingly interesting and comprehensive manner. Well worth investing the time to watch in its entirety. Very well done and thank you.

  11. I have the same drone and I love it. It is a fantastic alternative to expensive brands like DJI and I'm pretty sure is not too far in quality. I like your honest reviews, everything is about DJI.

  12. I bought this drone yesterday online in an attempt to get it before vacation. I hade a Blomiky G506 Challenger drone which flew away and was $100. I want to seriously try making aerial youtube videos and I saw this drone and my response was, it's cheaper than the phantoms with great abilities that I actually need. The price is what got me going too as I bought mine for $515. Much cheaper than the drone. I watched this video because I wanted to learn some good tips that will prevent it from flying away. $515 is not at all cheap for me which is why I need the best experience, especially for vacation! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. hi dustin, hi mi drone 4k users! got a new personal range record! 4,1km totally stock and a lot of interference around even. ….well….or nearly stock…..used the parabolic thingie you are sliding onto the antennas. just got my argtech 5km range extender today. wondering how far i can go after installing it to the rc. 6km should be doable. paid 33eu for range extender antennas an this mavic parabolic thingie. any solution yet for the micro shaking issue the gimbal got?

  14. To all those who do Rewie of MiDrone Xiaomi 4K and speak wonders of said Drone, INFORMO: are giving faults both the drone and the Batteries, I know through social networks, forums and Youtube videos, are not isolated cases, personally to It has happened to me that the aircraft fell in flight at a height of 45 meters due to a battery failure.
    Xiaomi as a manufacturer has proof of this for photos, videos and records Flight Log of App MiDrone, also including the flight records of the Drone, sent by myself, to take action and prevent it from happening to other users.
    For my part I have offered to send the Drone to study and draw conclusions and take measures to solve the problem.
    Unfortunately the interest that has shown is NEGATIVE, has ignored the problem, and has transferred the seller in this case to Gearbest, which has shown interest in solving the problem of the Drone.

  15. Hi dustin just want to say if im looking at drones and if they are good or not i always watch your reveiws.Awesome stuff mate. Can i ask your personal opinion though i currently have the XK X380 drone and really like it but it does have some quirky kind of electronics and can be an issue at times . What would you say about the Xaomi mi 4K as an alternative upgrade to a better drone? ive watched your review on it but asking your personal thoughts as i dont really have the funds to go for a dji but i look at this one and im feeling it has good reliabilty from what ive seen and features are very similar to dji. Thanks for your time! Nathan

  16. I am amazed you got it to work with the ipad, I have tried it with the original ipad and an ipad 2, both using the iphone app. neither work. both get the same log in error to my mi account and trying to create an account results in the code never being received. Don't know how you achieved it. How did you manage to get into your mi account with the ipad please

  17. Excellent review as usual on a really good drone. I have had my 4K for a few months now and I'm loving it. One small issue that I have is that it is only recording video in 5 minute segments…..any idea why. Maybe because I am flying in safety mode ie limited to 50mtrs altitude.

  18. Hi Dustin. Great review, thank you very much.Just one question.I order my Mi 4K drone today.We are going on holiday soon to Namibia to a farm where I was told the internet connection is very bad.Do I need data at all times to fly the drone?

  19. hiya great review as allways could you please tell me what version of the ipad and iphone app you used i mean what ios is the ipad and what generation i am only buying an ipad to use with the MI so want the correct one many thanks

  20. I just want to give everyone a heads up if you live in the U.S. I think this is a great drone for the money, but I crashed it over 2 months ago, bending one of the arms and the ESC circuit board inside. I was lucky because everything else seems to be working OK. After about a month I was able to get the replacement parts from Banggood in China (upper and lower casing, motors and propellers), but so far I still have not received the ESC board (which has been on back order from Banggood for 2 months now). I ordered it from another Chinese company and it was returned by the post office for โ€œunknown reasonsโ€. I then ordered it from yet another company (again through AliExpress) and after almost a week they still have not sent it and did not respond to my message. In 2 days, that order will be automatically cancelled. Xiaomi Global is no help at all. I emailed them to ask if they could help me find a reliable company that sold the ESC board and got this response: โ€œWe regret to inform you that we do not sell our spare parts through our Global Official website and do not have any information for the service center in US region as we do not sell devices in your region through our Global official website.โ€ The only way to get parts for this drone is to order them from China. No one carries them in the U.S. In short, since I cannot get all the part I need to fix this drone, it is a total waste of money! So, even though it is a very good machine, I cannot recommend that anyone buy it if you live in the U.S. As anyone who flies will tell you, if you fly your drone, at some point you will probably crash it, so you will need to be able to get parts for it if you want to fix it yourself. Otherwise, say goodbye to your $500-$600 investment! If I had known this before, I would never have bought this drone. So, anyone who is considering purchasing this, be forewarned!


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