Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K – 6 Months Later


Still a DJI competitor 6 months later? Check out this updated review of the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K edition. Overview, whats included, options, connectivity, and 4K …


  1. I bought . I expect that he's super but I was in shock! It was even better than I could have imagined!!!))) this is a drone from the modules that can be used separately and this is a huge difference from the others and a big plus. I don't have to carry a lot of cameras with me. This is essentially a camera and as a gift to her you get a drone and can buy a remote separately and shoot with your hands! That's brilliant. in addition, the suspension is universal and can be easily used drone with Gopro

  2. My friend had the phantom 3 and I had afew cheap toy drones, flown the phantom and the mavic at the drone club. Bought the xioami 4k, sorry to say better than the phantom 3 and video on a par with the mavic. Best of all, cheaper than both. Dji have a competitor moving up in the future

  3. I've been monitoring the prices on GearBest for about 1 month. If I choose the US Plug the price shoots over $500 or even $600. If I choose CN plug price is varying $399 to $459. Should I buy the cheapest and don't warry about plugs ? After all I can get international power plug adapter for about $10. I don't want to overpay for same drone if difference is just power plug.
    Thank you

  4. Used to fly RC helicopter for years with an Futaba FC-28, both transmitters look very weak and toylike for my eyes.

    It is end 2018 now, and i seriously wonder if the gimbal is still available. My experience with budget stuff is that when the new model comes out, you hardly can get any replacement parts and have to buy the newest model. If thats the case your whole "hammering" on that replacement gimbal is out of the question. The DJI's can be replaced too, it take some some time and skills to do.

  5. One thing I noticed in this is prop intrusion into the frame is there anyway to eliminate or reduce this? I am asking as I am looking for my first drone to aid me in documentary work and it would be better to remove such intrusions from the onset. So far your review of the Xiaomi shows the best image quality and a smoother replay than others. So, this has helped me in my research. However, the rotor intrusion seems to be extremely common.


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