Xiaomi Funsnap Youpin IDOL Brushless GPS Folding Selfie Drone Flight Test Review


This folding selfie drone comes with advanced intelligent flight mode features and sensors. Find it here and here are some more sales from …


  1. Ain't gonna win any beauty competitions is it? Seems expensive for a drone that seems have more than a few problems, short flight time and doesn't do the basics as well as a Bugs with GPS. Oh, and 7 meters per second is only 15.6 mph!

  2. Phones started getting 802.11ac around 2013 if not earlier, I would assume surely most if not all people would have it by now – especially if they're the type to buy drones 🙂

    Also, aren't you supposed to rotate the aircraft on its axis during compass calibration, not rotate it on your axis 😉

  3. It’s way overpriced imo, unstablized video and the app is also not up to scratch with the features. I think personally the flight time is short, but a few charge cycles might take it to 8 mins.
    Halve the price for the 2 battery deal and they might sell a few.
    Just looked at their stated flight times, they say about 10 minutes.

  4. I am waiting for this drone to arrive in a few days. I am VERY disappointed about the battery life. If I knew I would not have ordered it. Everything else may be fixed with a FW update but rubbish battery life?

  5. Sounds noisy ie. underpowered. Geofence should be 300m distance with 100m altitude. And flight time should be 12 minutes minimum. Then I’d be interested.


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