Xiaomi Drone 4k camera does not manually update – how to fix it


The drone is new, at first i ignored the update, all was good, camera was connected and working. I started to update and the status was succesfull, but the …


  1. Hi, I think you had the same problem I'm having. I bought mine very recently and I haven't inserted a micro SD card in the camera yet. I flew it without one and after a few metres I lost the image on my phone from the camera. It wouldn't register any parametres either. But it flew perfectly. Do you think that if I add a memory card it should work properly??

  2. I have such a problem I still can not use the drone because of the error '' No CAM ''
    I have tested all the firmwares available at the moment.

    For the manual update, I used (to mislead) these two cards:

    -Samsung 16Gb HC Class 6
    -Sandisk 32Gb HC1 Class 10

    Are the HC cards in the features indicated or not? I find it strange that Camera does not identify either card.

    There are others:

    Which one is best for use with midrone? Are HC's not compatible with midrone?

    My problem videos:

    Tks 🙂

  3. About my Mi drone 4k camera problem after 1066/68 firmware update.
    Today something strange happened.
    I powered on my drone to do new tests and "magically", the camera could connect to RC and started to show image normally.
    After few tests and configurations, I have started to toke some pictures whats happend perfectlly, but when I pushed dow the video record button on the RC the gray screen returned with "no camera" warning in the app. The camera lost the connection and now the problem continues and it does not wanna works again.

    The camera only works when it wants.


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