XIANGYU XY017HW 720p HD FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This sleek jet black folding drone is a long flier and includes a 720p HD FPV camera and a well labeled controller. Find it here Pros – Sleek …


  1. Anybody who is trying to find a good first quad this is it, low price good flyer good camera it can take beatens.folks u can not go wrong with this one.quadcopter101thank for taking the time to do your videos.

  2. Hí,
    I bought the XY017HW drone. My problem is to get up and go someplace and difficult to control after picking up the rescue button. It seemed unmanageable. Is this all so? Do not you stop in one place in the air? Or is there any calibration option?

  3. Don't know if it's me having difficulty in interpreting the 'english' instructions or not but mine doesn't seem to want to take off. Have paired it and can 'unsafe' it but if I press the UP/DOWN auto-launch button nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?


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