X300 – FPV Drone with Headless mode for Beginners!


X300 – FPV Drone with Headless mode for Beginners! Get one here on Amazon: Like this video? Check out these drone videos below or …


  1. just got mine in the mail. The "up and down" thing you do does nothing; my motor does not start. Batteries are charged, lights are on, and camera app works great. The drone just refuses to start flying. was the something I missed in instructions?

  2. My first quadcopter, got it yesterday. I have no experience in flying these. But so far everything that you have talked about here works. I will be flying in headless mode for a while. Will you be doing any more instructional videos for the X300? This one is very helpful to me…….thanks…..

  3. the little tabs that change the sticks are to change the flight modes. mode two is left hand throttle, mode 1 is right hand throttle. you can flip those tabs to change the left stick and right stick orientation, then using the button on the bottom of the radio you select the mode to correspond.


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