X183 Double GPS Follow and Circle Me FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This GPS quadcopter has over 300 meter control and FPV range. Also has follow and circle me mode. Find it here and use $10 coupon HTY10XDGS …


  1. Hi, I love your reviews. I have a friend with a daughter that i think is getting a drone for Christmas, but dad doesent want to spend more than 300. Has to be gps rth, and the rest. I have the bugs 5 but what would u recomment to be the best around that price buddy> Rick in australia.

  2. My X183 Global Drone wasn't so bad….orbiting was good, the follow me not so stable..but always returning home.
    Then one day I think it has got some interference from radio o something like that and it plunged in the water.
    Now I am looking to find spare parts but until now nothing…I need the small mainboard inside the drone. If anyone has got something like that can please tell me……

  3. Hi. Always checking your channel…..Really nice review….By the way I am asking you: do you know how to contact Global Drone ? I need a spare part. My X183 after to times dropping unfortunately in the water now has got big problems. I need to change the motherboard inside because some electronics is failing. Thanks in advance.

    -unplug the battery from the drone
    -remove the batteries from the transmitter
    -wait for 5 minutes for any residual current to dissipate
    -replace batteries
    -start up the drone
    -within 10sec start the transmitter to connect
    -flick both at the same time left joystick to top left corner/flick right joystick to bottom right corner for 5 seconds
    -you will get a steady light as a sign that gyro calibration is complete
    -wait for satellites to be shown on the screen
    -flick both at the same time left joystick bottom left corner/right joystick top right corner till the lights flash rapidly
    -rotate drone 3 times clockwise holding the drone horizontally 1m off ground
    -rotate drone 3 times clockwise holding it pointing nose downwards 1m off ground
    -place it on it's landing gear
    -both LED lights should be steady continuous lighting as a sign it is ready to fly

    It took me 1 week to figure the chinlish manual. The same steps didn't work for me because i didn't remove BOTH batteries from the drone AND transmitter which resets them.

  5. I just order for this drone for 146 suisse francs about 150 dollars.
    Is it a good opération ?or this drone is a shit??? Is my first drone and i dont no about,i want too use it for take pictures of house for my job ,what you think about ? Thanks for your answer and sorry for my english.

  6. First tried to buy one from Ebay they lost it in the post then Amazon the throttle didn't work, followed instructions for calibration, anything I did woudn't rev the motors to take off.I do really like your video to this, where would you suggest I get one or can you suggest a good drone to film with with a £200 budget. Regards Max. By the way I am in the UK

  7. Hi there I am hoping you can help me as I have watched your video and I am wondering if I can use syma x8 parts as spares for my x183 mainly the blades ,upgraded batteries 2500mah and motors . Nice videos thanks

  8. Hi QC 101, if you had to choose between this Global x183 double gps follow me drone and a bugs 2 drone, which would you choose? and why? btw I think this one youve tested is a fake… as flight time is 15- 20 mins and the battery is 2400mAH plus the size isnt 420 x 420 its 600×600


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