X01 Micro Drone by Propel Review


Here is the review of the little Wal-mart Drone. Ill add a link later!


  1. How do you get it to just go up and hover? As soon as I want to fly it even without touching forward backward right or left, it just takes off and way too fast and crashes a lot. Also I thought red on Drone is the back and white light is for going forward. Confused.

  2. Why mine can not fly high even when i reach the max level of my left side controller, and when i through it so it can fly higher outside, it just flies a very short time then it lands :((( can any body answer me? I dont wanna return it because it's kinda cool though

  3. This model would have been completely fine if it just had fucking blade guards. I broke three props the first day and got tired of crashing it into stuff in my house, so I took it outside. Things were going great initially, until it decided to fly away from me as fast as it could go and within a few seconds, it was out of the controller's range, so it slammed into an 60 foot pine tree in my yard, and got caught in a branch on the way down. The wind dislodged it days later so I find it and although the props all run, it is completely unflyable now. I bought the sharper image micro to replace it and sadly, even though it's an inferior drone in every way, it has blade guards so crashing it into my piles of junk is no big deal, therefore no reason to attempt outdoor flights!


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