X-Ultimate Professional Drone with HD Camera Unboxing




  1. Oh no, I have just purchased this drone last night, apparently it's 3 weeks old with new GPS, I was wanting it for camera quality, I really should have done my homework, I think I will cancel order and keep looking, I always fall for the sales pitch! The one I have orderd is black with a 1080 HD camera 2017, could kick myself!! ๐Ÿ™

  2. All of these drones are just cheap rebrands of dones by the name of Syma. The slime ball Richard, who sells these drones on Ideal World will rebrand Syma drones with names like "Sky Warrior" "X-Ultimate" etc so they can claim it is "exclusive" to Ideal World. When people search these drones say through google, they only appear on Ideal World and no negative reviews exist because its just a new name, rebranded on to a Syma drone. Next time Ideal World have a new drone, search Syma drones. You will find the exact same drone but it will only cost about ยฃ40.00 compared to Ideal Worlds ridiculously high price. Ideal World sell products based on which has the highest PPM (pounds per minute.) These cheap toys have a high PPM and probably a high profit margin too, considering that slimey fuck bag Richard appeared on Dragons Den a few years back looking for a 100k investment in a coin saver toy business he had rights too, but pissed off every dragon because he wasn't offering any shares in his other business which was an established tele-shopping toy business turning over ยฃ250k a year! That says all you need to know about him.

  3. Complette waste of good cash got myself a x-ultimate junk, first flight busted prop gaurd ordered a new set from flying gadgets and received 4 gaurds one had been glued in two places with super glue and wrapped with insulation tape, second flight 4 min into it fell out of the air at about ten metres and hit the deck, camera does not work, try 360 flip engines cut out and drops out of the sky total junk ! now I see a product from flying gadgets I don't even bother looking at it further.

  4. Hi Mark I have sent my x ultimate back without even trying to fly it. I was suspicious of the quality of the item from the first look at it. Then when I read your comments and all the other disasters I decided to send it back for a refund. It only went back 2 days ago. Thanks for all the info.

  5. Flew my x ultimate yesterday with no wind,worked ok with auto take off,auto landing,altitude hold,good responce from flight controls,but i dont think it would cope in winds over 5 mph,tried return to home button,not too good,wifi to monitor unstable,faulty camera recording ,as when played back on computer very jumpy,gonna ask for replacement camera.

  6. took my ย drone out today was confused when turning it on both sticks didn't do anything after a while I pressed takeoff and up it went after a few small adjustments it flew for about 8 minutes with video going so all seems good used both batts .
    I'm the camera only works upto 100feet away I have two cheeper drones and they are far harder to fly
    I am no expert
    the manual is crap
    the guards slide into slots and screws go in from underneath
    I hope you all get satisfaction from ideal world

  7. I got one for Christmas, flew it low to the ground, I can report that mine is working well in terms of camera, transmitter and altitude hold. Just on the way out to fly it again. Low battery warning flashes the LED's too so not bad as far as I can tell. Wish me luck on the motors as that's my only concern

  8. I purchased one of these, and received it just over a week ago. I have not even opened the delivery packaging yet.
    I thought I would have a look to see if there were any reviews on the product as there were none on the ideal world website.
    I came across your video, and after watching thought it might be OK.
    I have just checked back to see if you had an other video with the drone in flight.
    I noticed the comments and did not like what I saw.
    I am not even going to open the parcel, it is going to be returned immediately.
    I guess this is a perfect example of, you get what you pay for.
    I am disappointed as I have purchased things from Ideal World before, and have all been fine.
    I hope they are not trying to cover up a bad product by removing all traces of it from there website.

  9. Oh dear!..After reading this I decided to carry out my own flight test. Not good.
    Camara doesnt work and 2 motors failed during maiden flight, even after calibration.
    Luckily I caught the thing before it had a chance to hit the ground! Will be calling Ideal Home an also sending a letter of complaint. This is really bad!

  10. Just got one as well, Camera does not seem to work, well not sure if its the camera or hand set as the view screen stays blue. needs further investigation….look forward to seeing how your setting up and how you get on with flying it….good luck.


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