X-Star Premium by Autel Robotics: 4K Camera Drone


Drones Mag takes a closer look at the Autel X-Star Premium. This machine is pretty damn amazing.


  1. I just bought this drone but since Colorado is being hit hard of all of these storms it has been sitting in its box. However there is an interesting thing going on granted all of these folks are worried about the antenna placement but what I think is funny is starting at the 3:00 time on the counter if you watch the people from above they all are walking backwards the woman is walking away from you but walking backwards, the 2 guys and the dog are also walking backwards including their dog which is skilled running backwards as well. So that means at some point you reversed the video and re recorded it making it look as if the video was playing forward but in reality it is in reverse. I personally think it was a cool trick and fun to watch.

  2. This is a nice video, I just bought the same drone earlier this week and got to fly a few times so far. This is my first drone and I found it to be easy to control and fly. The video was set to MOV out of the box and it is blurrly so I swicthed to MP4. The video is better now but not perfect so I think maybe the SD card has a problem. Anyway I subed to your channel and will be back to watch more of your videos.

  3. With the antennas facing that way you better keep your eyes on it. Credibility goes out the window when you can't even maintain proper orientation of an antenna.

  4. Where in CT Matt? I was just up there a couple weeks ago from FL. Shot a lighthouse in New London with my X-Star while I was there! I've had it since July and just flat out love it, very very few problems!


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