World’s Smallest Quadcopter Drone With A Camera Cheerson CX-10C Vlog Review – TheRcSaylors


Wanna see what the World’s Smallest Quadcopter or “Drone” with a Camera Looks Like? Let’s take a closer look at this palm sized spy copter for both little and big kids in our full review with…


  1. Hmm we have a couple of these and they fly way better than yours did. Batt/range/camera works great. They flew even better after few mods. Got them just before Christmas last year packaging was very different too.

  2. Hi You Guys…When I Received my "CX10C"…The Box was Already Cut & Batteries were in the Transmitter…(Used Product…!!!) & After Fighting with China 4 Week (Cust. Serv. Crap) I Won…They Said 2 Keep It…I FOUND that it came in with…3 "B" & 1 "A" Attached
    Can't Fly Like That…So, I Put the Blades on Correctly & Still Would Not Fly…Wound Up having 2 Put JJRC H20 Blades on it to get it 2 Fly…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I was about to buy one of these, good thing that I watched your video showing that the camera sucks. Thanks for saving my bucks. Am going to buy the one without camera and attach a go pro in it. 🙂

  4. Hey, not related to the quadcopter, but is your dog a chorkie? Because I had a chorkie when I was younger and she looked like your dog, and that's kinda rare for me to see so that's why I'm asking, cute dog 😀

  5. I expected the short flight time so had no beef with that, but I absolutely despise the mjpeg format it records in. Neither Sony Vegas or Virtualdub will accept that. So first I tried converting video to mp4. I could then import it in to Vegas, but only saw a blank green screen on preview.
    Converted it to xvid and was able to edit it in virtualdub. Then jammed at 95% processing when trying to upload video to youtube! Youtube gave me a message about problems with audio. Well, it's just a camera, there IS no audio! I've seen silent video footage from these on youtube videos, so I don't know how people got their vids to upload.
    I had to add a sound track to get youtube to accept it.

  6. That's the CX-10C, ya really can't expect long flights with such a tiny camera quad, and the CX-10 had a great reputation, and was the worlds smallest 2014. I'm surprised it sounds like you haven't seen it before, there's a ton of rebrands and clones that are pretty good too. I would give it another shot, or send it to me! I'll bet it probably flies like the cx10 which I loved, just a little heavy cause the camera, which is to be expected. About the coreless motors too, they do burn out, they only have so long a lifespan, no doubt they shorten with stupidity and ignorance, lol. I've actually had bad or weak motors right out of the box before as well though. Keep up the reviews, sorry to disagree a little with this one.

  7. Mine did not come with that sheet of paper, and I have had a motor go out mid flight before. I get (and others) about 3-4 minutes of flight time as well. My range was much farther than yours though. My camera works but it is pretty bad.

  8. yea, weve had three of these Cheersons. the only issue ive had is the accelerometers start getting out of sync a lot after its been used a bunch. still have one that is flying though with the horizon hobby Fuze props. with the Fuze props the orientation is better too.  but heck, for  27.99 cant expect it to have the sd card. about the batteries. in the packages ours came in they hide the batteries in the packaging under one of the folds of the package. maybe not with this one aye. funny to see this thing with a camera though. the cheersons have been great for us.not every one that comes off the line can be perfect. just like those other stories you hear. now you have one of your own… watch our videos with it and the range was great and flips are awesome for how small and cheap they are

  9. I do not want too be nasty,  but the add on Banggood clearly states the flight times and that there is no tf card with it or reader.        I received my Dromida Vista, I ordered it because of you guys  extremely positive reviews about it,  and all the durability test and other fun stuff,  Well for the price it costs, it is disappointing,  its noisy and unstable and that's just two things, something you would expect from a cheap Quad but not from this

  10. First video I have watched that you didn't like a Quadcopter but I have to say love your honesty. Now between you guys and Flyin' Ryan you have helped me out with heaps of choices of different quads and my latest I ordered only yesterday is the worlds smallest quadcopter without a camera The Floureon- FX-10 and wow it is tiny. As always keep up the great work love watching you guys and thankyou for sharing.


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