Worlds Smallest NANO Drone: Cheerson CX-10 Review – [Setup, Flight Test, Pros & Cons]


Here’s an in depth review of the Cheerson CX-20 Nano Quad Copter.


  1. I have the eachine e10 Which is a clone of this and it doesn't turn off when it goes out of range. I've had 2 fly aways. Managed to find it both times but I've had fun with it. The motor and battery replacement is easy enough.

  2. I have the Cheerson CX-10A and flew it about 4 times, but now it can't take off.. All propellors spin but it's asif 2 on one side doesnt have enought lift, just moves across the floor asif it's walking on 2 legs.. 2 axis stay on the floor while the other 2 try their best to take off, but cant lift.. Any ideas?

  3. Mine started going crazy one night. One motor started going full speed and got so hot it melted the plastic housing. Not sure if it could have started a fire but Id store these someplace safe.


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