World’s Cheapest GPS Camera Drone – Hubsan 502E X4 Desire Flight Review – TheRcSaylors


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  1. Nate I have one more question about this quad …  when everything is shut down on quad and transmitter , do you have to recalibrate GPS again or do you only have to do I just the one time .. Very interested in this quad ???????

  2. Nate an Abby and Popeye , just got done watching your review on the Hudson quadcopter with GPS I am really thinking of getting this one .. I like the GPS idea this way I can not lose it ..

  3. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed the video.  I am in the market for a selfie drone but don't want to splash out just yet the $500-$1000 asking price for some of the selfie drones out there like the Xiro, yuneek and Dobby, basically because  I am a novice.  I am interested in the JJRC H37, what do you think of that product?   I figure get something like this that doesn't require you to use your phone. Every video I've seen with a phone controller looks complicated, and as I play xbox,  I think I would feel more comfortable using the controller until I become more experienced.  I like the return home feature and the hover feature (GPS) when not using the controller, which will help if flying near obstacles as IOC is not a feature with this one i'm guessing.  My question is…what was the quality of the photo and video?  Were you happy with it?   I'm sure it wasn't 1080P quality.  Thanks again

  4. I bought one I bought it after this review was posted. I fell in love with it. I flew it as often as I could. After flying it about an hour total, I started having problems. one of the motor pods ran at about 30% of the RPMS of the other motors and it would not take off. I can't get the company I bought it from to do anything because I can't figure out how to sent an under 2 meg video. I contacted Hubsan US and they said I could send it back but it would take 6 to 10 weeks for them to repair it. I found that the bearings in that pod were screwed up.
    After I found that the 502E did not have FPV I ordered the 502S, and still haven't flown it yet and I have had it 2 months now. it's my feeling Hubsan has serious issues with product quality, and QC. They seam to have not figured out customer service.

  5. so as a question for anyone that can answer me
    is there anyway that I can see the footage in real time through a computer or another device so I can stay home, let it fly an see where it's going while I just stay at home.
    Because from what I'm seeing it looks like I have to see the actual drone itself, so overall question is there anyway I could see through the camera in live time, an how is the range on it aswell. If anyone could answer me that'd be amazing

  6. I'm 70 yrs young and enjoying this new hobby really like your videos , i just ordered one , looking forward to it's arrival , you do a great job explaining how to operate , love seeing Popeye having fun too , keep up the good work .

  7. Hubsan makes excellent drones. They have the 502s which is the fpv version of the 502e. Ever flown the 501? its really amazing. I am waiting for the 507 star pro. You all plan on doing a video on that one? I don't think anyone has it as of yet. Has not shipped lasted I looked.


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