Emax hawk 5 review. The emax hawk 5 is a BNF 5inch fpv racing drone that is easily the best out of the box BNF racing drone on the market today. Betaflight osd, bl heli s , BNF, and has INSANE…


  1. The Emax Hawk 5 costs €196,19 in Germany. It's a great price for such a wonderful drone. Sadly it's still a bit to much money for me… That's where you come into play stew ; )… jk jk
    Anyway good luck to all the other contestants 🙂

  2. Gday Stewy,, Mate it's at $333.18 at the moment in Aus. I'm still flying my old QAV250 and looking for a new faster quad!
    Keep up the good work ,, Love your channel

  3. I really wan’t to win it because I am looking for a nice bnf drone for 2 months here It is € 204,38 in the Netherlands and I can’t choose the best thing of the drone but it looks great!

  4. Its 204,48€ in Germany at this moment. This thing is CRAZY… i really want to start this hobby and im watching your videos all day long to find out what do buy. I would love to win this BEAST!

  5. I can't believe such a fast racer has such a smooth float. I want one. 🙂
    At $250 USD it is going to stay on my wishlist for a while, unless you send me your test flyer. LOL
    Thanks for all your work on the videos.

  6. Stu! Great job. Really appreciate all your hard work. Looks like I'll be purchasing another to add to the collection. Guess my favorite thing about the EMAX Hawk 5 is the simplistic design/package. Thanks again. ($249.99US)

  7. $249.99 USD direct from EMAX! I love how much performance and durability that you get at the low $250 dollar price point, I can't wait to own one of these rigs. I also love that it was designed by pilots in the community and that it comes with a good tune out of the box.


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