World Tech Toys Introduces the Striker 2.4GHz 4.5CH RC Spy Drone


World Tech Toys is proud to introduce the Striker 2.4GHz 4.5CH Camera RC Spy Drone. You can find them on Purchase Here: …


  1. DO NOT purchase this drone, bought one for the grandson's birthday. Ten minutes after trying to get it to fly right,
    it took off up in the air and just kept getting higher and further away from us to the point we lost it. This is the second drone we have purchased should have stayed with the other brand. Went to where it was purchased they couldn't do anything for us said to call World Tech Toys, did this and they told me sorry nothing they can do for me so I am just out the $60 plus I spent only three days ago. Guess I should have checked here to see all of the other people who have had problems with this.

  2. my son and I are 5 flights in and the quad itself seems fairly durable for a 9 year old that crashed it quite a few times. The only issue we've had was the controller. The knobs broke off and the display never worked. I glued back on and its still flying. For 50 bucks I'd say it's not to bad. I wouldn't pay more than that for it.


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