Wood Drone Props? – KEN HERON


Ken tries the XOAR wooden propellers for Phantom 4. (Yes, they will work on the Phantom 4 Pro as well.) These are Beech-wood props, available in four colors …


  1. As corny as they are, I do love your puns! Very informative video Ken. I might consider some of the wooden props after I get a little better at flying my P4P. I would like to invite you to subscribe to my Youtube channel, I would really appreciate it. Looking forward to the next video.

  2. Interesting, I wonder how the lack of lift at the root on these effects the flight? These are rotors remember, not props, like the WW1 biplanes you quoted, the bladed are not producing thrust alown (where an even distribution of force down the length of the blade would be less of an issue) the DJI props with a larger width at the root helps to even out the amount of lift across the blade (the root travels a lot slower than the tip) and as there is no pitch movement on these, like there is on a single axle helicopter, I would love to see the thrust/lift curve.

  3. Excellent video and install demo. I would be nervous about the balancing, but overall rigidity and lightweight seams like it wood be way better. A more throaty sound to me as well. I would go for carbon fiber over wood prolly, but they do look very cool ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. HI KEN! Those wood props were cool! Ive been flying my mavic pros allday!I went thru 12 batteries, I wish you lived closer to boise,id……….Id go fly with you! Im going to start a drone channel someday for fun, dont want the $. I just now have a big collection of dji-autel-3dr-etc. lol….and i got a tello toy cause of you! Your funny! TAKE CARE –D

  5. $49 + $17 for the hardware. They claim to be balanced. Wood, Red, Black, White options. These look awesome! I would check them to see if they are balanced anyway. They would have to be balanced before I would use them. Your motors would wear out faster if not. A battery life comparison would be interesting. Thanks Ken


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