WOOD BLADES on my Freestyle Drone?


its a bit of a fail… Instagram: @drewcamden Twitter: @drewcamden — Drone Gear — My Main Freestyle Quad: GoPro HERO6 Black: …


  1. and thats why us rc plane flyers dont use wood props ,always break at the slightest bang ,and if you dont balance them theyll vibrate to much …stiff blades good for photography holds the quad inplace better ..try carbon fibre props better results than wood,had carbon props on me blade qx350,made it faster on takeoffs

  2. I don't know why you would be surprised they fly well. Wooden Props have been used for a long time, even on real aircraft. The science behind them is sound. Pretty silly to question their fly-ability…

  3. it's so weird to see people mention "blheli" in public… been using it for like 6 years in heli's (because simonk didn't do heli's) but now it's like the multirotor thing (simonk has lost king status)… lol. I've always flown 2-blades, anything else sucks. I like lightweight and speed. At this size wood makes no sense because it's heavy.

  4. Yeah I flew a lot RC Plane with wood blades, balance the propeller was a must …. but back in early 2015 who remeber the Gemfan 5030 GRP/Nylon and Glass reinforced Nylon Propellers that was necessary balance as well and if you put too much pression in the nut the propeller cracks and break before flight LOL … Who here post the photo in the end of day showing how many propeller was destroyed during the day as a "trophy" ….

  5. Usually I find your flights super chill, but man! This was like a constant game of chicken with scraggle! Your spatial awareness is amazing and I have to say this is one of my favorite edits from you so far! Amazing skills at work!

  6. Hey Drew! Awesome video! I am not sure if you’ve done this yet, but do you think you could do a video talking about your wall mounting techniques? I have been using the 3M wall mounting hooks and if it gets humid in the house they fall. Would love to see how you mount yours! Thanks!

  7. Nice. I figured the result would be a one time crash because prop durability is key to staying consistently in the air. Wood is way too stiff but definitely has an interesting sound!

  8. Dude…plane pilots have always known that wood is smoother and more power than plastic. It's just that if your taxiing and touch the prop to the tarmac…it's going to break. Plastic/nylon is just more durable and cheaper.


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