WLToys V666 Drone: FPV Comparison Series Review


The huge WLToys V666 quadcopter includes FPV real-time video capability. This video is another in the series comparing current low-cost FPV quadcopters.


  1. The V393 is not the same as the V666. Many around the World would like you to do a full review on this copter the V393 ! As for buying a GPS Copter I am at the stage where I do not need GPS to fly as I come from a long line of flying 500 size helicopters. Best Wishes from Ireland. Eamon.

  2. Justas Drigotas first of all fix your Google Plus settings to allow all so we can reply directly to you, and secondly what you ask is against the federal laws in the United States to begin with. Third and most importantly none of these quads can fly that high or far away that have been reviewed so no he has not flown over the clouds and endangered real aircraft with humans inside of them to answer your question as politely as possible.

  3. Jarno Koning, we cannot reply to your comments you need to fix your Google plus setting to allow all, to answer your question, get the tarantula, the Syma is going to be a slow quadcopter and not very acrobatic, think DJI phantom when you think of the X8 class of Syma.

  4. Could you recommend a good budget (up to a $100) intermediate quad to me? I'm also looking for it to have decent video recording capabilities, and be fun to fly. Thanks!

  5. Are you going to do another review on the V666 after you take off the canopy?
    By the way does Mrs 101 fly any of the quads.  I know my wife has mention it but not sure if it is a good idea LOL
    Nice video, thanks

  6. It's not windy… it's windy… it's not breezy here, it's fighting the breezy????  Do you review your vids before you post?  IMHO you could be more prepared with facts as opposed to filler.  Have a checklist before you start.  e.g. 1) Conditions 2) Camera on 3) I'll be looking at this, that, the other… then review this, that, the other.  With all due respect.  Future flights… you'll do better???  I want to see BEST from the beginning.  Again, no disrespect meant.

  7. The Devil's Quad!!!

    When you started break-in, did you notice that a couple props slipped some before engaging? I have the same Quad. Also, I KNOW something is loose because two of the props are jittery when hand spun, right from the get-go, like you can feel the magnets' resistance. The other two spin about 90 degrees before you feel the magnets. I noticed that before I even started my break-in.

    I'm thinking it's just the cheap gears, which I don't mind replacing with brass. I already installed the V262 bearing mod and it is much quieter and responsive, which is good.

    Still can't get used to the POV flight though… :-

  8. What a behemoth … maybe a better indoor (gymnasium or factory) flyer? Doesn't seem too practical for outdoors. There are so few windless days, at least where I live (unless you fly at 5am or 9pm!) Cheers

  9. Hello.

    What quadcopter for video. But also a little sporty. I have a xiaomi yi. I was self thinking of a tarantula x6 or a syma x8. So price around $125
    Thanks in advance

  10. I like My v666, but I bought it specifically for modding.
    Now that I've done some of that I'm learning some cool stuff about flying larger quads.
    The FPV system gives me a little trouble so I'm upgrading that.
    I cut the foam prop guard don to just a center cap and wind is no longer an issue.
    Newer models have an altitude hold feature, but my guess is that it wasn't hard to add because this thing holds altitude merely by setting the throttle in most cases.I try not to overload it, and I don't fly it hard.
    Still on my first set of motors.
    Here's mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX-a02lx5s0


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