WLToys Q303-A Large Altitude Hold FPV Gimbal Drone Flight Test Review


This WLToys large quadcopter has a lot going for it including 5.8Ghz FPV, alitude hold, an excellent jello free camera, and a one axis stabilized gimbal that …


  1. Yesterday I got my WLtoys Q303-A from lightake and it was not working! When I connected the transmitter the quad didn't respond to any imputs! I tried everything to fix this. But I hope lightake will send me a new one. If they do I'll let you know

  2. Seems like wltoys loves proprietary batteries. I have a q333 which has one of those irritating take for ever to charge batteries! But i will say wltoys fly very well

  3. I bought the Q-303-A drone. I want to learn how to control the gimbal up and down on it (if it can be controlled). ALSO, the middle button on the transmitter is scary that's above the on/off switch!

  4. Hey does anyone know where I can get a spare camera (5.8GHz FPV) for this quad? Had a crash with mine and it now does not record. I checked the connecting board for the signal and it is getting the electrical signal but it refuses to start recording. It will take photos, but when I do the FPV feed freezes with the blue numbers on the screen. It was a hard crash and the only damage I can see physically was a blade guard and one of the connector sockets for the camera had the plastic broken (The camera and servo mount was thrown from the quad on impact), but it still makes a connection.

  5. I have a problem. Yesterday I flew for the first Time with my Q303 and then I charged it overnight. The next Day I went to fly it and at first the lights were blinking so I unplugged the battery. When I plugged it in again nothing happened no lights started blinking how do i fix this because it doesn't work Any more

  6. I bought this one and it turned up yesterday – about 40 seconds into the very first flight it suffered complete power loss, no video signal, no lights, and crashed hard. Broken gimbal. Complete waste of money.

  7. i just got Wiltoys Q303A Battery ok Camera conected Monito ok
    but on take off he comes towards me or on low reff it tips back
    ย i have to push th forwad joystick right forwad to get it off the ground

  8. "Transmitter is selectable…mode 1 through mode 4…believe by pressing this- holding this pushing this…movin' this button down by movin th- and then also by movin' this switch down here…ahh…"


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