Winning a Drone Race with Captain Vanover!


Alex Vanover (aka Captain Vanover) shows us his secrets to winning FPV drone races! Special thanks to ORQA for sponsoring this episode! …


  1. I feel like if ur this good it's probably cuz you got a lot of money. This hobby is EXPENSIVE. I can only fly for like 6 minutes at a time and if I crash I'm screwed and can't fly again for a month. I just can't afford 15 batteries and 200 propellers.

  2. Do a video showing Alex flying gear that wouldn't be considered Pro pilot approved like crap batteries props from 2 years ago and old motors or something. But do them on all different rigs to see if gear really does matter or does pilot skill rule them all .

  3. It´s such a great thing that you (Alex) joined Rotor Riot!!! I´ve been watching Rotor Riot for about two years now and the videos with you and Drew are my most favourite ones! 🙂 (all others are great too ofc).

  4. In my opinion I feel like vanover is in too many rotor riot episodes. No offense but I personally don’t enjoy his personality as much as some of the other rotor riot members. Sorry for being rude but I thought I mine as well get that out there


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