Wingsland S6 Pocket Drone with GPS Review and Maiden Flight


The Wingsland S6 pocket drone will allow you to carry the latest drone-technology in your pocket. Featuring a dual GPS system that connects to GLONASS, …


  1. thanks for the video. way too pricey, imho. it would be cool if someone comes up with a pocket drone, brushless, GPS, WITH mini gimbal, at USD300. That would be a game changer.

  2. Thanks for sharing your video. I love this drone a lot and I am a bit confuse which drone I should get between the Wingsland S6 and the Dobby one. Do you have any suggestion? Will be going on vacation and I would like to carry a pocket selfie drone like these. Looking forward in hearing from you soon. Thanks again!

  3. Guys becarefull there are several complains on youtube that they are selling the flawed pre-production versions of the s6 on Amazon and Ebay. I was going to get this on Amazon but have changed my mind. Becarefull.

  4. Looks Amazing . think the Size Is Perfect . But Not Sure About the Stability & the altitude hold specially if you spend over 350US$ . This thing should be locked in .

  5. i noticed this one looks like the latest model with the gps on the back. this was published in november but other videos i have seen says that it was just released . did it come out earlier in other countries?

  6. Hi there. Versus the HoverCamera Passport and the Dobby, which do you think has the best quality for mainly pictures, btu video as well?? Thanks in advance.. I'm reallyc urious and trying to find the best one..
    Also do you need a license for this in other countries when traveling.. I know that the hovercamera passport does not??


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