In this video we see if a cheap $40 drone can actually fly outside and what you get for you money. ✅ Purchase Link: ✅ Please Don’t Forget …


  1. Hello TT Technology thanks for informative review. I just bought this drone and have some problems i cant find the hover button on a controling pad and some buttons on it is not working like flip button or one key return.. what can cause that ? Thank you

  2. Hi. Thank you for the review. Can you please tell me how to activate the headless mode? According to instructions third button on the left should activate it but for me it only toggles the led lights.

  3. Hello TT technology,
    i tried another app then the go sky. a HDFPV app! Now i have a connection with the drone . when i use the mic in the app and say "fly" the drone goes up. the controller still has no light or beep. Banggood definitely send me a second 69601 fpv drone {exact the same). batterie was charged and 4 alkaline in te right way in the controller.
    thanks for your kind reply.

  4. this is the second drone Banggood send me!! The first one had the same problem. When i push the on button of the controller there is no light, neither there is a beep sound when i push the stick up then down.
    of course i read the manual, it seems very simple but it is not.

  5. hello, i bought a utoghter69601 fpv drone and have problems to get started it seems that the controller does not make contact with the drone. Please can you tell me the steps i have to follow to get it in the air? when i push the on button on the controller should the light on the controller go on? is it possible to fly it without the app?
    Hope you can help me with this.
    Charles {the Netherlands)

  6. When you want to record you are restricted to the Bluetooth range.
    What the distance of the Bluetooth range??
    Also will it work if you are in an area with no WiFi?


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