Why you need Prop Guards for your DJI Spark Drone


DJI Introduced the new “Spark” compact camera drone on May 24th. One tech blogger mentioned that the small props can’t hurt you – which we think is an …


  1. I can confirm, I own this drone. The drone was going haywire after hitting a wall, I had to grab it to save it from dropping down somewhere I wouldn't be able to get it back from. Sliced my hand up so bad, blood everywhere, cut every finger DEEP many times. These blades will destroy your fingers, but cuts heal, and at least I still have the drone. lol.

  2. i've tried using this prop guard on my spark, as soon as i put it on and test flight it got a vortex ring effect sometimes, causing unstability and sometimes suddent lost / decreasing hovering power of the spark. anyone having this kind of problem?

  3. Guard is not available yet in thailand. I cut it badly last night, one hit gave me 4 scars and blood is everywhere. That lead me to this video ha ha ha. Thanks for making it 🙂


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