Why This Is the Best 3D Printer – Comparing ALL My Printers!!!


Thought I would let you know, the CR-10 is $350 right now: One of my viewers posted a comment to make a comparison video. Thanks …


  1. Thanks for your reviews. I got a lot of knowledge from your videos. If you don't mind I would like to ask you one question and may be I'm asking a help from you. That is now I'm trying to buy a 3D Printer to print out the mountains with exact contour values and landscape design. Could you please give me some advice which 3D printer will be the most suitable one which can run easily with any type of filaments?

  2. Great video… I Have an Anet A8. Great A Facebook community for help and tips, with some tweaks, and some printed upgrade parts.. they do nicely.
    Now that I've seen your video I have an idea about which printer I would like to get next.


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