Why does the SpaceX droneship camera cut out?


SpaceX provides some of the most spectacular sights in spaceflight with the landing of their Falcon 9 booster. But why does the video feed always seem to cut …


  1. They don't want it to be seen Failing to land as intended. Tipping over and falling into the water.. Replayed Over and Over on TV.. portrayed as a Failure. Until they are confident that they can 'nail it', they don't want to put it out there for criticism. It would be used as propaganda by their competitors. That's only my guess.

  2. I can't say it is a conspiracy, but it most likely is. We have $1k public mini rockets anyone can build and go incredibly high under 2-4 minutes. There gopro never goes out. I doubt it was a simple error or glitch. you can see the entire curve of the earth from this altitude.

    high altitude rockets.

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  4. i got cheaper solution to film it….
    How about film it from ship next to barge…..

    NASA spent millions of $$$$$ to develop gravity pen that will write in space…..
    Russians saved the money by using pencil

  5. Well then for God's sakes you simpletons just have a secondary auxiliary barge with all the camera equipment for added perspective and documentation…

  6. Because its all done on a sound stage with CGI? What a bunch of f*** ups they claim they can actually do what they do but they can't get that right? That's like watching a 20-minute poorn and then cutting out the money shot…

  7. Just be honest. Thats all we want. Say its proprietary. You cut transmition so that in the event of failure, you can conduct your own investigation before anyone else does. You review it and release it 2 days later anyways. Its a private company. Its your enterprise and you have an obligation to the prosperity, growth, and protection of your enterprise and its interests. But lieing and doing so by boasting incompetence; is in bad taste and should be taken seriously.

  8. Why not just delay the footage by 1-2 min then it has time to realign and catch up? We can just have a semi live version and they don’t need to buy an entire second boat (come on what kind of solution is that lol)

  9. So why don't we lose live feed from all the cameras on the craft during launch? The changes in speed, angles, pitching, rolling, orbit, the distance travelled, vibration etc. Yet that nevertheless loose any of the multiple cameras on the craft and they are live. I smell some bullshit and you can see on some vertical landings bare blatant CGI.

  10. They can make it to the moon and back but they cant solve this? I would prefer to see live feed of each camera angle from the launch and have them in little windows on the monitor simultaneously.

  11. It's all bullshit fake and so deceptive.its real simple all they have to do to catch the landings is set up a totally different camera set on another platform and catch it coming down on separate camera thats not connected.simple.


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